"Above & Beyond Expectations"

I have greatly enjoyed working with Blue Streak Homes,

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"Above & Beyond Expectations"

I have greatly enjoyed working with Blue Streak Homes,

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"Above & Beyond Expectations"

I have greatly enjoyed working with Blue Streak Homes,

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"Above & Beyond Expectations"

I have greatly enjoyed working with Blue Streak Homes,

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"Above & Beyond Expectations"

I have greatly enjoyed working with Blue Streak Homes,

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"Above & Beyond Expectations"

I have greatly enjoyed working with Blue Streak Homes,

"Above & Beyond Expectations"

I have greatly enjoyed working with Blue Streak Homes,

How Essential are General Contractors in the Construction Process?

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A general contractor is a professional who looks into the full construction process of a project. He works in both, commercial and residential construction projects. Be it a single family home project or a bigger project like the construction of a skyscraper; he would handle it all with ease.

If you want to rebuild your home, you will need to contact a good general contractor in Richmond who will assist you in finding an appropriate place and proposals on the required project. Once you hire them, he will study your project and let you know the estimated cost of the raw materials, the labor charges, and other added expenses of working on the same. These are some of the essential actions that one has to undertake before starting the construction process of any project.

How important is choosing a reliable contractor?

General contractors are well aware of different kinds of construction projects. But before you hire one for a bigger project, you need to be assured that he is a well experienced one. This would help you from cost overrun issues and unnecessary delays in the completion of the undertaken project.

Here are a few ways on how you can choose a reliable general contractor:

  • Look for a contractor who is well aware of your local area.
  • Discuss about similar projects, so that you can have a clear idea on what the outcome is going to be.
  • You can even ask for client referrals and learn their feedback on their projects undertaken by the same contractor.
  • It is always a good idea to have a written estimate of your project.

What is the difference between general contractors and builders?

Many people often get confused between general contractors and builders. Well, they both are entirely different, and they handle different tasks at a time. Here are few basic difference between general contractors and builders shared in detail.

General Contractors – They usually undertake and manage the overall construction project. They have a crew of subcontractors working under them. He keeps everyone involved focused and carried out the task in a timely process. He prepares the total cost of construction and also deals with the budget of the project. He is usually aware of all the building code requirements, and you need to have a good rapport with him as he instructs and handles the task entirely.

Builders – A builder’s task is to handle every stage of the construction job beginning from beam framing, walling, tiling, and roofing of the home. Apart from this, he also looks into other mechanical details like electric wiring, heating, and plumbing. Builders mainly undertake several housing units; they look into installing sewer systems, power lines and so on. They entirely deal with the building process from the ground level.

So, by now you must have gained a fair idea of who are general contractors and how do they differ from others. If you want to hire a good general contractor in Richmond, then you are at the right place, simply visit the website of Blue Streak Homes and hire the best professional for your residential or corporate project.

Do You Know the Benefits of Constructing a Laneway House?

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Laneway houses are growing in demand these days. They serve to be an excellent residence for single families and neighborhoods. They offer an opportunity beyond just owning a house of your own. They are exceptional housing grounds which add character and security as well. Construction of these homes may depend on the individual’s choice. Sometimes, the construction of laneway house cost in Vancouver may go as high as $100,000. One can design these houses at a lesser budget too which would serve to be a perfect place to stay.

Here are few benefits of constructing a laneway home in detail:

  • Great space for extended family – The laneway homes are a great place for building an affordable and separate home for people who are starting some business like a restaurant or so, right from their home. Here they have their own workstation where they can work and manage things in a better way. In some cases, laneway houses are designed for the elderly parents who want to live separately yet close to their home.


  • The ideal way to earn money – Many homeowners rent out these laneway homes to other people. They renovate and redesign these homes which they give out on rent to people to spend their vacation or celebrate any event. In this way, they generate retirement income.


  • Alternative to the main home – These homes act as a great temporary stay for your family members when you wish to renovate your home. You can send off the kids and adults while you carry on the work in the existing home. Therefore, in this way you can manage the renovation work without any interruption, while you can look after your children at the same time too.


  • Increases the property value – Having a laneway home in the backyard will increase the property value undoubtedly. The main home and the laneway house in the backyard will not only add beauty to the entire landscape, but it will also provide a suitable space to start a home based office job for freelancers. Moreover, it also enhances the resale option for the homeowners.
  • Affordable for all – Interns and workers can buy these homes on rent, and that too at an affordable rate. Many homeowners build these housing options and give it out on rent. These homes are smaller in size and require low maintenance compared to bigger homes. This is why they are quite affordable than regular homes.


  • All basic amenities are available – These homes are designed keeping in mind the daily needs of the people. They are just like any other home, but smaller in size and are sometimes designed within a strict budget. Some of them have a well-organized open concept kitchen, a bathroom, and bedrooms.


  • Less consumption of resources – These homes are small, and so they require less amount of electricity, water, and other resources. This is why it allows you to waste less and use energy more efficiently.


These houses are just a smaller version of your main homes. They are usually the best place to stay on a temporary basis, or when you wish to stay away from home and experience new surroundings. You can very well build your own laneway home too. If you want to know how much a laneway house cost in Vancouver, then you can ask a designer and builder. To build a comfortable laneway house, you need to fix a budget and then follow the construction process accordingly.

Why Should You Hire Professionals for Renovating Your Home?

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Renovating your home is exciting but it is a huge investment so, you need to plan everything carefully. When you are upgrading your interiors, the first thing you need is a contractor. A homeowner dreams of renovating and improving his home by hiring a trusted team of interior designers or contractors. The success and beauty of your next home renovation project will depend on the expertise of the custom home contractors in Vancouver. The experts help in performing all the renovation work correctly as they have right skills and knowledge in conducting the work. Blue Streak Homes take pride in designing custom homes that not only exhibit extraordinary design but also reflect the owner’s personal style and taste.


Reasons to Hire Experts for Revamping Home


Building a custom home provides you an incredible opportunity to get your dream home. This can be achieved by selecting a good builder company. An expert like us would develop a plan before starting the work finally. The reasons for taking help of designers are:


Guidance- Taking the advice of qualified consultants and have face-to-face interactions gives them proper insight into remodelling plan of the home. Consultants can guide you in the right direction from start to finish as they are highly skilled. Our company provides you valuable information regarding:

  • House plan
  • Products
  • Price
  • Addressing any concerns or queries


Approval matters- The products you require for upgrading your home should be touched and felt before purchasing it. Each has different interest and choice so; they want to have a close look at different products.


Use technology- We provide you with an image of how your new home can look after remodelling. We use latest technology and designs for renovating homes. You can visualize the look of your home by customizing it on the desktop.


Convenience- We are a one-stop solution when it comes to building and designing homes. You can get knowledge about all products and the prices charged. Select from various designs, color and materials for upgrading your interiors.


Home is a place where you can enjoy, relax and sit comfortably. You can come to us for renovating or upgrading your home to suit your lifestyle. Blue Streak Homes is an affordable home builder in Vancouver that adds value and style to your property.

How To Successfully Prepare For A Laneway House Construction

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Living Room Renovation Richmond

Owning a custom home is a desire dream for a lot of Vancouver families. However, a lot of factors pose challenges to that dream, such as lack of space, cost of land, etc. Laneway houses are the perfect solution to prospective home owners who are facing such challenges. The laneway house cost in Vancouver is affordable provided you know just the right custom home construction company to contact. At our offices of Blue Streak Homes, we are sworn to deliver beautifully constructed and designed laneway homes to customers at reasonable prices.

There are a few things that the would-be home owners need to take into consideration, to prepare for a laneway home construction. Such as follows:

  • The purpose behind the house-

Laneway houses are the solution to a lot of housing problems. Home-owners can have them built as an extension of the actual property. These homes can be used for housing aged residents, children, or teenagers or given on rent. Young families can opt for owning a laneway house if they have budgetary constraints. Bearing in mind what purpose the laneway house serves, who might be staying in it, etc., makes it easier for the home builder to get the architectural planning right.

  • Know the building and zoning laws-

It is essential for the future laneway house-owner to be aware of all the zoning and building laws. Construction must comply with specific zoning laws in Vancouver, which employ particular building codes. These laws state dimensional factors, spacing factors, and other such eligibility criteria that define the build of your laneway home. Being aware of the pros and cons of these laws concerning your home design can be beneficial.

  • Applying in advance-

The laneway home-build process is usually delayed to some extent by the application approvals. The application consumes some time before the concerned real estate and municipal authorities process it, and there is no right way to predict how long the approval process might be. Usually, the time taken varies from one design plan to the other. Customer-centric custom home and laneway house developers such as us, at Blue Streak Homes, typically handle these responsibilities on behalf of the customers.

Responsible home builders in Vancouver usually inform and guide the customer through the construction process. Setting the customer’s expectations is a crucial part of the custom home-build service industry. Policies such as these have helped us build a satisfied clientele over the years.

Laneway Houses Are Changing the Horizon for Vancouver Real Estate

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Laneway houses have become a go-to solution for a lot of homeowners in the country. Given their low requirements when it comes to space, the low building costs, and even delivery timescales, laneway houses have quickly grown to be a favourite. A laneway house cost in Vancouver and the neighbouring urban areas, is what attracts prospective homeowners the most. Given the popularity of laneway houses, Blue Streaks Homes have been offering quite a lucrative deal to customers looking for a laneway home to settle down.

What is a laneway home?

Laneway homes can be described as the best housing solution in recent times. It is a form of housing that utilizes the spaces between full-size homes, and the alleys behind homes. Low-budget homes with smaller dimensions have come up in these locations to provide affordable housing. This form of housing has become very common in the Western fringes of the country, namely in cities like Vancouver and Richmond.

The benefits of owning a laneway home-

When you own a laneway home, it grants you numerous benefits that help you regain the cost of construction, several times over, in a few years’ time-

  • If you are looking to convert your backyard into something more productive than an empty space, then a laneway house is the best option at hand.
  • If you are low on budget, and hate the lack of ownership in renting a home, then a laneway house may be a good option.
  • If your family comprises of members who are just coming of age, then gifting them privacy in the form of a laneway house, would be a brilliant idea.
  • You can rent the new laneway house and find an extra means of generating some income.
  • Given the low requirements of dimensions, it is extremely easy to get permits for building a laneway house.

Prospective laneway house-owners should bear in mind however, that laneway houses too, come with their own restrictions, with respect to municipal housing policies. There are restrictions in place that enforce laneway house-owners to account for parking spaces, the height of the building, minimum distance to neighbouring plots, preservation of vegetation and greenery in the locality, etc.

However, with all of this being said, a laneway house is still a viable option as far as building a home is concerned. A laneway house cost in Vancouver that is built by Blue Streak Homes is lesser than the other construction franchises in the market.

Benefits of Choosing a Professional Home Designer and Contractor

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Your home is not just a basic building constructed with bricks and cement, but it is a lot more than that. The designing, remodelling, etc. all demand huge investment, and in return, it helps in improving the overall appearance of the house. Well, if you are still unsure and do not have much idea in renovating your home, then it is high time you need to hire a general contractor in Richmond.

There are various divisions in your house that you need to renovate to give your space an entirely different look. These include bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, flooring, roofing and interior decorating as well. Once these aspects are upgraded, it doubles the value of your residence. These jobs are literally complicated in nature, and it requires a professional to tackle them. Well, taking the help of a home renovating contractor will sort out these issues undoubtedly.

Who is a home building contractor?

A housing contractor is a professional who helps to remodel your residence in the best way. He applies assistance and knowledge in remodeling your house and minimizes stress in the remodelling process. His work involves sheer skills and a lot of effort in revamping both, small and big area houses. What really happens is, when you are unorganized in this field, then you may end up spending a lot more than expected. For this reason, you need to get in touch with a reliable contractor who will help in arranging the work in an organized manner and also complete it within the given due date.

Duties performed by home contractors:

What contractors usually do is, they complete the project methodically. Firstly, they prepare an outline of the house, then remodel it further. After the house is constructed, next they begin to work with the interiors and exteriors which include remodelling of the house, designing of the kitchen area, specific additions, revamping driveways, roofing and other renovations.

So, if you are looking for a general contractor in Richmond who will help you in designing and fixing all the last minute detailing of your home, then contact Blue Streak Homes today. They are well-known for their professionalism and deals with constructing customized homes, renovating old houses and building laneway homes at an affordable cost. Moreover, they will assist you in purchasing properties and constructing a beautiful home to make living far more comfortable.

Comfort at its best

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Bluestreak homes has built homes above and beyond expectations. We are confident in our excellent service and satisfying craftsmanship that have earned us a reputation as Vancouver’s most reliable custom home builder. We understand that building a new home is a big investment, so we make sure your home fits your budget, gives you room to grow and suits your lifestyle. Our experienced team of architects and designers will work with you to plan all elements, styles, finishes and tailor a home of your dreams that truly reflects your taste, needs and personality.

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World of Blue Streak Homes

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At Blue Streak Homes we specialize in building custom homes, renovation and laneways all at an affordable cost. We are Vancouver’s number one budget friendly custom home builder.

We are a one stop service assisting you with purchasing properties or building you your very own beautiful new custom home. We will guide you through each step with fine detail so you have a full understanding of the process. We understand building a home can be stressful but when you build with Blue Streak Homes we guarantee you an absolute peace of mind. We will work with you to ensure complete satisfaction with every step of the process.

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